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Welcome aboard thenssthen. A fancy name for what I imagine is nothing but a glorified paddle boat. But nevertheless, I’ve left the shore and I will not be returning for some time. I’m a writing enthusiast and a lazy reader, but most of all – I’m passionate about people. We are the ultimate inspiration. My words attempt to convey some of the plethora of ideas that circle my mind.

This is a place for practice, learning and experience. I want my words to flow seamlessly onto the page like they were born to the role. I’ll be experimenting with styles, tones and types, whether fiction, non-fiction or opinions. Whatever my thoughts, I will convey them to the best of my ability.

And now I will finish, with a favourite quote:


To those who loved this world…and knew friendly company therein… This reunion is for you.


Natalie S S Then

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